We take extreme care when removing your old shingles. At the end of each day, we scour the ground for any nails that may have slipped away from us and ended up on the ground. We wish to ensure the safety of your tires, pets, and of course feet that may be passing after we leave. Our jobsites are kept clean and safe at all times. We do our best to ensure the safety of our workers, customers, and there belongings.


After we have removed your old roofing surface, we will inspect your roof for any damaged area's. It's much easier for us to replace damaged/rotten wood, rusting metal, and other deficiencies while your roof is bare. This can save you thousands of dollars in repairs later on. Other companies may ignore such issues to save time and money. Not Rob's Roofing - we always take that extra step to ensure you have many years of a secure and dry house. We have the experience to place and install all required venting. Venting your attic will also ensure the long life of your roof.