Roof Replacement

A typical roof should last 20 – 25 years unless an upgraded product has been installed. But there are many factors that could foreshorten that expectation. We will come and inspect your roof and provide you a proper assessment and explain your options. 

Sometimes there is no alternative but to replace your roof. Not to worry, we have the expertise and use the best materials to get the job done – on time and on budget.

New Builds

Building a new home? Erecting a new building? We use the finest materials from the leading manufacturers to give you the look and durability you envisioned.

 We have experience in roofing, siding, soffit, fascia, eavestrough,  renovations, etc. No matter the requirements, we have the expertise to handle all your needs and provide you quality as well as peace of mind.


There are times when re-rooofing makes sense as opposed to total replacement. We can make that assessment and save you time and money.

Having a proper inspection done is integral to determining the “health” of your roof. That’s where our experience could pay you dividends.

Renovation Services

So, you’ve decided to remodel and your reno has impacted the roof-line. Or maybe you just want a new “look”. We will roof your project and incorporate the new project with the existing roof resulting in a seamless integration.

Whatever your project entails, Rob’s Roofing & Renovations has you covered. Quality, utility + curb-appeal – Need we say more?

Repair Services

Do you need your roof replaced? With our expertise & experience, we are better able to assess and determine whether a repair will suffice. Saving you from a needless expense.

Following our expert evaluation of your roof, we are able to determine whether or not an issue is systemic or localized to an area which can be repaired. We will provide you an informed quote to aid in your decision.

Quality Assurance

We stand 100% behind both the quality of the products we use and the quality of our workmanship. Coupled with excellent customer service – it’s a winning combination.

At Rob’s Roofing and Renovations our goal is to provide a high quality Roofing experience and at a fair price. We want to leave our customers confident in knowing their roofing project was done properly.