One sign is if you notice shingles starting to lift, buckle, or curl up. Also excessive granule loss indicated by your eavestrough being full of granules or even on the ground at the end of your downpipes. If you are noticing any leaks inside your house you definitely need to get your roof looked at by a professional. If you notice excessive granules or chunks of shingles coming off after a hail storm you may need a roof replacement. Another factor is the age of the roof. A typical roof should last 20 – 25 years unless an upgraded product has been installed.

First of all it does not mean you have shingles that will last a lifetime. Typically the “limited lifetime” warranty means you have a few years of full warranty coverage(labour and material) then a fairly long period of time on material defect with it depreciating on a yearly basis and varies depending on the manufacturer. The majority of shingles that are sold as “Lifetime Warranty” would be considered a 30 yr product under the old rating system.

Yes. You can get better quality shingles that have rubber in them (example: Malarkey Legacy shingles) that are very good and will stand up to large hail and high wind providing they are installed properly. There are also higher priced full rubber shingles (Eurosheild) and metal options.

Yes we do. We can take of your full insurance claim including siding, fascia, eavetrough, painting, etc. You do not have to use your insurance company’s “preferred contractor” and have total choice of who handles your project.

 Yes . We can take care of your metal roofing and siding project.

I would say experience. We have been in business since 1992. As the owner I actually still play an active role in the actual work being done. I have experience in framing, siding, soffit, fascia, eavestrough, plumbing, electrical, house building, renovations, etc . If we discover another issue when doing your roofing project we have the experience and know how to fix it. We won’t just shingle over it and not inform you if there are issues that need to be addressed such a rotten wood, rafter repair, venting issues, etc.

Yes. Both. It is very important that you use a company that has WCB and liability insurance.

 Since Feb 1992. Over 28yrs.

We are based in Okotoks and cover Okotoks, Foothills, Calgary, Black Diamond, Turner Valley , high River and surrounding areas.

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 We have experience in framing, siding, soffit, fascia, eavestrough, plumbing, electrical, house building, renovations, etc. No matter the issue, we have the expertise to handle all your needs.